Monday, February 11, 2013

Chore Chart

A lot of people have asked about my Chore Chart that I had created for my kids.  Let me just tell you it has made life run soooo much easier.

I bought 6 cookie sheets from the dollar store and painted them Grey ( make sure you use metal spray paint or a primmer meant for metal first).
I then drilled holes into the side lip for the ribbon to go through to hang the pans.

My buttons are 3/4"x 3/4" graphics with words to tell my kids what they need to do.  I laminated the graphics and cut them out. I glued them to glass buttons again from the dollar store and then glued a button magnet to the back of each one.  I used E6000 for the glue.
 The White circle magnets I bought at IKEA for cheap, but you could get circle wood pieces and paint them with white board paint or chalk board paint.

Then I added the Vinyl for names and "to do" and "done".

SO this is here it works for us,  Everyday they have their daily chores (room, hair, teeth, piano, etc.) then I ad one or two weekly chores (vacuum, wipe bathroom, scrub bathroom, etc.) and these will rotate through the week.

The Extra Chore circles are things that need to be done that I am willing to give a payment for, (wash walls, baseboards, bottom of  mom's closet, garage, shed, etc.)  These are on a need to be done bases.  I write with a dry erase marker what needs to be done and leave it on the extra chore pan.

Now here are the rules:

Chores will be done everyday
If chores are not completed you will be receiving EXTRA chores the next day without payment
Extra Chores are to create initiative  so as long as you CHOOSE them you will be paid, if you are asked to do them or find them on your chore chart "to do" area, there will be no payment.
We are a family and as a family we work together.

This is working so well, it maybe the excitement of the $, or the magnets, or accomplishment, but it has created more peace and less yelling when it comes to getting chores done.

Here is the break down of the cost:

Pans $6
Magnets $5
Glass Buttons $1
White magnets  $8-12
Vinyl $9.50

Things I had around the house:
Chore Graphics

This was a great project so I hope this helps to figure out your own chart.  And don't forget Vinyl is $.05 a square inch.  Thanks for Looking!


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