Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

This year one of my resolutions is to be better organized.  This includes all facets of my life; finances, church, home and time.  Soooo... for January I am offering a special to help organize your home.  

Any orders for organization labels get 
10% off orders over $10.  
For the Month of January!

Choose from these four fonts. 
You can have all of your labels blocked ( so they stretch and match with the width like the canister set with the flour and sugar labels, or just keep the lettering the same size and distance like the other two pictures).  

They won't have the typical borders I put on for leveling (so I can put a lot of words into a your order for less money), so you will need to fold the backing paper along the grid to get a level line.
An example of cost is all of these labels are listed below.

So pick a room or pick a closet or pick a rack and let's get something organized!

About $1.50 each

                                                                About $2-3 a piece

About $.30 each

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