Saturday, November 17, 2012

More Ready To Order Designs for your Home

If you are interested in purchasing any of our Ready to Order designs pick a design and send me and email with a size.  I can tweek my designs a bit to fit any size you want.
Call me (208) 881-7156
Remember the price is $.05 a square inch of design. So to figure an estimated price of a 12"x12" design you would use the following equation  12x12x.05=$7.20.
Thanks for Looking and I hope I can design something for you soon!

Im a Mormon with Flowers


Worth it

Love is What makes a house a home
Blessed are those Grandparents
 Dancing in the Rain
Dancing in the Rain with Vine
 In our Home
Choose you this Day
We will serve the Lord
Family Rules
Sisters Laughing Bold
Sisters Laughing Bold and Script
Sisters Laughing Script
I'm a Mormon

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