Monday, August 6, 2012

Do you need a fundraiser for your school?

For your fundraiser we offer 9-10 of our Ready To Order Designs, with an option to add 1-3 of your own personalized options (example: Logo, High school Mascot, or special saying or sayings). We will provide your organization with a order form that may be copied and given out. There will be no size changes for the vinyl but we will offer 4 colors, Black, White, Cream, and Brown.

There is a four week shipping and processing time between the close of your orders and the time we ship out your orders. Most orders will be ready before then. Payment in full needs to be received by Say It With Words Vinyl before your order is processed.

We offer 30% to 40% of total sales depending on the amount of sales gathered by the organization. 30% for orders totaling $500 or less before tax. 40% for orders totaling over $500 before tax. This amount will be determined by management after the close of your fundraiser and before processing.

We offer free shipping to one location and it is up to the organization to deliver all vinyl. Organization will be responsible for vinyl after it is recieved.

All offers are subject to change at the discretion of the management.

If you are interested in doing a community fundraiser please contact Tiffanie at (208) 881-7156 or

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